21 February 2017


Blog being short for weblog, a blog is supposed to be a kind of diary. Such is not the case with @valvas, which is more like an archive of well documented pieces of information. 'Well documented' means that a reader need never worry about the origin of a certain statement or quotation: I simply include the source, preferably a first-hand document.

I used to collect these documents in a public Dropbox folder, available for everybody to open and download. There I even put the html files where I referred to, because internet addresses use to be rather unstable,  and I wanted to convey the html file exactly as I had read it, free from subsequent modifications by the owner. Unfortunately Dropbox is now less user friendly than it used to be. Html files have long ceased to be accepted, and public folders ceased to be public as of 15 March 2017. I had no choice but to replace my archived html links with ordinary internet links (possibly unstable or modifiable) or with pdf prints, which have at least the advantage of being invariable. I also replaced Dropbox links with links to MEGA's Cloud Drive. I seized the opportunity to bring some order to my chaotic archive (which, not unlike my desk, consisted of three heaps) by introducing labels.

It may take a while before all references have been converted from Dropbox to Mega. Meanwhile, should you want a document whose reference is inactive, just ask me:


17 March 2017