20 September 2012

Yet another Muslim Humour Festival

I don't know which book, movie or cartoon triggered it this time, but here is muslim violence again.

You might enjoy to hear Pat Condell ("I don't respect your beliefs and I don't care if you are offended") on the subject:


If you read French:


If you don't, this image will speak for itself: headquarters of a certain French satirical magazine after being served a certain non-alcoholic cocktail for making fun of a certain religion.

If you read Dutch (well, reading is not much required), you might sing along with


Once you know the lyrics by heart, you might prefer the original


Warning: it's funny. 

Update. Unfortunately, this posting has not aged well. Many terrible events have happened since, and equally many have been foiled. Western Europe is in a permanent state of emergency, the price for not calling the enemy by its name. Feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last or something like that. Meanwhile, the person in the photo has been butchered, along with his staff, for making fun of a certain desert prophet. Western Europe, 21st century.